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I am Attorney Marissa Bigelli and I concentrate my practice on Divorce and represent both men and women in Connecticut.


I am a Connecticut divorce attorney who represents people who wish to end their marriage. I have 2 offices and handle cases statewide.  My main office is in Milford, which makes it convenient to handle cases in both the Fairfield and New Haven Judicial Districts.  I also have an office in the greater Hartford area.

If you or a family member is dealing with a divorce, you need a lawyer who can advocate for you, can deal with the legal proceedings and protect your legal and financial interests.  I will be that attorney.

I handle cases:

  • With contested child custody
  • With cheating spouses
  • For stay at home moms
  • As guardian for minor children in divorces
  • If you have been served or wish to start the process


My clients are normal everyday people who, just like you, find themselves going through the end of their marriage. I make sure the system and the lawyers treat you with the dignity you deserve.

Hope is not a strategy.  Call me today to get peace of mind knowing you have a trained Connecticut Divorce lawyer on your side.

You can sleep easy tonight with LadyDivorce on your side!

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Marissa Bigelli

Marissa Bigelli is a divorce and family law attorney in Connecticut. Known as "Lady Divorce," she fights for her clients to get the best result possible for them. Call 203-301-4002 to speak to Lady Divorce today!

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In some cases, despite the fact that you have been married to or living with one person for any given period of time, you won’t necessarily have to divorce them in the event that you break up. This is the case if you are getting an annulment, if you are involved in a common marriage, or if are just getting separated from your partner. Learn more about these options and if any of them apply to you.

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To learn more about these options, you can contact my office and set up a free consultation.